Meet the Artists

Each Ourea product is printed with a unique design created by our talented cohort of artists. Art has the ability to communicate complex ideas and emotions in a way that resonates with people on a deep level. By working with artists who use their talents as a tool for activism and conservation, we're hoping our product collaborations can help engage and inspire our clients to better connect with the natural world. Learn more about our artists and check out their incredible work!

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  • Emma Lopes

    Emma Lopes is an artist and illustrator, born in Scotland and brought up in the rolling hills of Somerset, UK. She studied Fine Art at University of the Arts London and at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Spending time in wild places is her favourite pastime and mother nature is her muse. A core belief which filters into every aspect of her work is that all life is interconnected. Working in watercolour, gouache, collage, and sometimes even marine debris, she uses detail, pattern and colour to focus our attention on the vibrancy and wonder of nature. Her art is a form of activism through celebration of a world we must fight to protect. Emma now lives in Lisbon where she makes paintings and collaborates on projects which communicate her passions. Shop Emma's designs Manta Magic and Arctic Wild.

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    IG: emmalopesart

    FB: EmmaLopesArt

  • Rachel Brooks

    Rachel is an internationally selling British wildlife artist living between the West Highlands of Scotland and the Hebrides. She has a deep understanding of the natural world from studying Zoology which connected her to the field of scientific illustration. She has fallen in love with the ocean having spent years working beneath the water as a Scuba Instructor and wildlife guide. Her mission as an artist is to convey her passion for conserving biodiversity by celebrating its beauty and sharing it with the world. She has developed a unique style to celebrate the intricacies of nature and hopes to introduce others to these wonders. Rachel designed Humpback Dreams.

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    IG: @rachelbrooksart

    FB: rachelbrooksart

  • Rachel Heckerman

    Rachel Heckerman has a unique love between the worlds of art and science, and works to find ways to bridge the gap between the two. She’s an illustrator, videographer, photographer, and designer, and her interest in both fields have led her to unique places from the Amazon of South America, to the polar regions of the world of the Arctic, and Antarctic! Rachel designed Antarctic Continent-Shades of Blue.

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    IG: @rachelheckerman

  • Johanna Excell

    Johanna is a Finnish biologist and self-taught artist. Her acrylic, watercolor and dotwork pieces are inspired by nature and wildlife, and Johanna's goal is to highlight the beauty of our biosphere, as well as to raise awareness of endangered species and support wildlife conservation efforts. Johanna designed Infinity Orca. See more of her work:



  • Shelly Marshall

    Shelly Marshall is a marine biologist, angler, and artist. She is passionate about conservation work and art and likes to use her scientific expertise to foster education about Alaska fish species through her business, ShellART Studio. Shelly primarily uses acrylic paintings and scientific illustrations (watercolor/pencil) to capture fishing adventures and educational posters to inspire people to protect and conserve Alaska’s amazing fisheries. Shop Shelly's design Salmon in the Lights. See more of her work:


    IG: @shellartstudio

  • Janavi Kramer

    Below and Beyond Art was established by Janavi Kramer, a British Artist and Scientific Illustrator. Using vibrant and visceral colours, her work articulates the magic of the ocean; not only hoping to evoke the same passion in others but to highlight the threats impacting the ocean and all the species within it. Janavi designed Shark Parade.

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    IG: @belowandbeyondart

    FB: BelowandBeyondArt

  • Jessica Eggers

    Based in South Africa, Jessica Eggers is a pen and ink artist inspired by nature, the sea and in the sky. In her drawings she tries to capture some of life’s magnificence and to convey wonder by communicating the insights that she has gained through her experience as a marine science and fisheries management postgraduate.  Although not formally trained in the arts past secondary education, she has exhibited original works in Geneva, has published scientific illustrations for invertebrate classification and fish systematics, and sold original art and prints to customers from across the globe, including Australia, Europe, South America and the United States. Most recently one of her works has won the first prize in the art competition hosted by the International Seabed Authority and another infographic of hers was awarded the first prize in the Scientific Drawing category of the Festival International de Images de Natureza (FIIN). Shop Jessi's design Brushtail Penguins

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    FB: roughforradio