Looking to add Ourea products to your shelves?

All current products are available to retailers at wholesale rates!  We are able to meet your large-scale demands and currently sell our products wholesale to retailers and aboard expedition ships. We are present on ShipServ if needed for ordering. 

 If you’d prefer having unique tubes instead of our stock designs, we can work with you to create custom pieces for your company and even add your logo!

Ideas for wholesale products:

  • Sell in gift shops aboard expedition vessels. They are practical accessories for the trip and make great souvenirs

  • Fun and colorful additions to your outdoor clothing store that require little overhead and take up little space

  • Kit out your expedition guide team in custom matching neck tubes so they are easily recognizable

  • Company branding! Hand out personalized neck tubes to customers, employees, or clients
    so they never forget your brand

Get in touch for wholesale pricing (sliding scale depending on quantity) or to discuss custom options!